About the Author


The author lives in Vancouver, Washington, USA with his girlfriend and a menagerie of cats, rats, fish, birds, guinea pigs and robots.

Among other inanities, he strives to use investigative techniques to work young starlet breasts into every aspect of rational discourse -- focusing on the discourse, thus making it not perverted. Also, has recently begun a career as "Internet hairstylist."

He can be contacted via email and Jabber IM at 'jer@nyquil.org'. He likes to be contacted.

(All press inquiries, however, ought be directed towards the author's agent, Alistair Hoel, via email to ahoel@nyquil.org.)

Winner* of Sean Gleeson's Researcher of the Century Award.

*: I've technically only earned 5/6ths of the award, but maintain that I deserve the whole thing.