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2005-12-02 20:21
Timma said:

C'mon, it's gotta be sasquatch. What are the chances that two backpackers chose the same day to head up to the same mountain? Your image manipulation is completely irresponsible and proves nothing. Leave the study of evidence to the professional bigfoot researchers.

wink, wink

2005-12-04 22:49
Michael Whitt said:

Great debunkery there.

2006-05-17 11:15
B-Will said:

Yes, PGF stands for "Patterson-Gimlin Footage," that famous video footage of a bigfoot turning to face the camera while walking through a dry creek bed.

2006-12-17 01:50
RJPasc said:

2007-05-28 22:01
Web Surfer said:

I used the other photo, cropped it and enlarged the cropped part by 400 percent. Granted it gets pixelized with the enlarging, but it still looks to me like a human wearing a hooded parka of some sort taken facing the photographer. I don't know how to upload an image to this blog or I would have. The creature may well exist, and I believe it does, but I don't believe this is a photo of one.

2008-01-09 12:12
Nathan said:

I think that you are right, besides this would not be submissable as evidence anyway there are no size references to go by in this picture. So there is no way to go back to the area and figure out exactly how big the shadowy figure was. Good Job!



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